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Bijou Teething Jewelry

$ 8.00
BIJOU noun bi·jou \be-zhüÄ 1: a small dainty usually ornamental piece of delicate workmanship : jewel 2: something delicate, elegant, or highly prized   Experienced parents know, and new parents will soon find out, that finding the perfect baby teether is essential for helping your baby, not to mention your whole...

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Our kids inspire us.

They know that playtime is important and will put it above all else, often refusing to do anything else (like eat, or bathe, or sleep!) just to squeeze in a few more minutes of playtime. Kids remind us that if we're not having fun, then we need to try harder. Because fun can happen anywhere, anytime. We couldn't agree more. Maya & Max puts the fun into functional baby and kid products, so modern parents can play, too. Brought to you by MOBY®, creators of the fan-favorite Moby Wrap.